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Welcome to 147.120, Central Florida's most active repeater.

We are holding a fund raising drive for the repeater for a new antenna. The current tower we are on has become unmaintainable. We will not be able to retrieve the antenna and coax from it. We have found a new location. We have new coax and everything it takes to make the move except the new antenna. And for this we request your donations.

Please press the donate button below and donate $10, $20, $50 or more

Be sure to check the "This is a Donation" box.

Thank You for your donation and helping us to make this move a success.

The repeater requires a CTCSS tone of 103.5, and also presents the tone on the output for tone squelch.

We always welcome new voices and love to have you join in with us. Don't hold back, jump in there and let us know you are there!

Nets on 147.120

On Saturday night at 8 pm we have the informal discussion net, where we discuss current events and a myriad of other issues. All points of view are encouraged. Everyone is welcome to join in on this net.

On Wednesday night, we host the Wednesday Night Tech Net. The Tech Net is a place to discuss or ask questions of things technical in nature. Ask questions or show up to help Elmer the local users who ask questions and need experienced answers. Everyone is welcome to join in on this net.

Drive Time

The Morning, Noon and Afternoon drive times are always busy times on the repeater and you never know who will be on or what you will hear, but there are many interesting operators and even more interesting conversations. Join in on the fun.

147.120 is your repeater. Use it.

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